We approach our work from the position of Holistic Innovation; combining best practice from the corporate landscape, the healing arts, somatics, executive coaching and the wisdom traditions.

Our services, practices and disciplines

Somatic Coaching

Somatics derives from a Greek word which views the mind and body as interconnected, both being part of a living process called the Soma. The body/soma can be viewed as the domain of action, coordinating with others, learning, mood, emotions and dignity. Our soma represents the unification of our thinking, feeling, acting, perception and emotions. This differs from the traditional view that sees the body as a collection of parts. Our body is our interface with life (Richard Strozzi, one of the worlds leading pioneers on Embodied Leadership and Somatic Coaching). Using physical practices, we tune into the wisdom of the body. Practices are curated to align with individual client needs.

Somatic Coaching enables the following and more:

  • Ability to shift from reactive reflexes to responsive choices.
  • Deep transformation, to move from an old historical shape to a new shape that better serves what it is you care about.
  • To take a stand and speak your truth, to speak up.
  • To understand how you respond under pressure. Do you move forward, lock or move back? Do you fight, flee or freeze?
  • To learn to make requests, to ask for what you need.
  • To learn to make declines, to say no, when and where you need to.
  • To understand your automatic physical response and how you organise yourself under stress and pressure. We call this our Conditioned Tendency. Conditioned Tendencies reflect our histories and our habitual patterns. They reflect the primary way in which we organise ourselves under stress or pressure.

By working with our Conditioned Tendencies we can do the following:

  • Change how we look at ourselves, others and the world around us.
  • Have new choices in the face of pressure, stress and conflict.
  • Develop new possibilities for the future.
  • Increase our capacity to interact with others and to develop stronger and more trusting relationships, enabling us to effectively co ordinate with others.
  • Deepen our capacity to listen to ourselves and others, as well as our compassion.
  • Become more powerful and effective leaders: power with and not over.

Executive Coaching

Atelier of Being also offers coaching in the following areas:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Transition Coaching (for those moving into new/bigger roles)
  • Maternity Coaching (before and after maternity leave)
  • High Sensory Coaching (for those who are often referred to as highly sensitive individuals or empaths.)

Coaching in these areas may include aspects of Somatic Coaching, Energy Mastery, Assessments, Atelier of Being Bodywork. We work with you to clarify your intentions and thereafter align your attention to achieve what it is you care most about.

Development planning and consulting may accompany each of these coaching offerings.

Energy Mastery

Having your attention where you want it and when you want it is energetic mastery

Lynda Caesara

Energy Basics are energetic skills. These skills enable and support you to be in your body, to be present, to set and manage boundaries and take care of energy hygiene (for those of us who easily absorb energy from others).

We get curious about the following:

  • what energy patterns you run; that is your habitual patterns of attention.
  • where your life energy and awareness moves through your body, especially in times of stress or distress.
  • where your life energy and awareness is restricted and blocked.
  • where you armour or constrict your energy and yourself.
  • the gifts and challenges associated with each different energy pattern.
  • where and how you charge, recharge and loose your energy.
  • how your energetic patters affect and shape how you relate to yourself, to others and how you lead.
  • how different energetic patterns of others affect you, others and teams.
  • masculine and feminine energy and how both affect our energy levels, how we relate to others and how we lead.

Energetic Centering Practice builds the muscle and skill of being present, open and connected to what we care about. This practice builds presence, our ability to stay calm under pressure and allows us to remain connected to what and who matter most to us. Our center is a place we can come back to again and again when we get triggered or are under pressure. Center restores the capacity for the long-term, higher functioning aspects of the brain such as big picture thinking, innovation, creativity and intuition.

Atelier of Being partners with clients to help them cultivate a centered state of being.

Atelier of Being has evolved Somatic Practices and Atelier of Being Bodywork practices for these energy patterns.

All of our Energy Mastery work may be supplemented with energy orientated products.

Atelier of Being Bodywork

At Atelier of Being we work on, as well as through, and with the body. Applying our guiding principles of Holistic Innovation and interconnectedness, we see the body as integral to any form of transformational growth and leading the self-journey. Based on Polarity Bodywork and innovated for the present pace and complexity we have developed a unique set of bodywork practices called The Atelier of Being Bodywork Series.

We explore presenting emotional or energetic states and thereafter use the appropriate Atelier of Being Bodywork Series to help you access more of your whole self. We work with your body to heal and grow personally and/or professionally.

Bodywork sessions typically last 60 to 90 minutes and take place with clients fully clothed lying on a bodywork table. Sessions are uniquely curated to each individual and are interconnected with coaching conversations, development plans, ongoing professional development, energy goals or whatever else our clients are working on or with. Atelier of Being partners with a number of Leadership Development Organisations and Coaching networks to offer bodywork as well as with individual clients.

Talent Assessment

Atelier of Being offers consulting services around the full spectrum of Talent Assessment and Development.

Atelier of Being uses a number of assessment tools to support enhanced self awareness and insight and to facilitate the opportunity to receive feedback from others. These tools are conversation starters that can thereafter shape journeys towards growth and better inform development planning. Suitable for those identified as talent within organisations or individuals wanting a clearer sense of their career journey.

360° feedback

360° feedback is a widely used approach for receiving structured feedback. 360° feedback involves obtaining feedback from a range of people who know you well and provides a 360° degree view of how you are perceived. We are qualified in a number of tools including The Leadership Circle Profile (™). The Leadership Circle Profile (™) supports leadership transformation— change that evolves authentically from the inside out. It offers a methodology and support for deepening the conversation with leaders so that change can occur on a deep, significant, life-altering level.

Hogan Assessment

The Hogan suite of assessment tools measure personality characteristics, risk of career derailment, core values and cognitive style. The Hogan Derailer assessment provides the strategic self awareness to avoid derailing your career. This process involves an in-depth discussion about yourself, your career aspirations, strengths, development areas and your assessment findings.

We go beyond feedback and provide development planning and follow up coaching as required.


Mediation is a confidential, voluntary and informal process that helps parties to talk issues through and to find a way forward. Mediation helps people find practical solutions that feel fair to everyone. We work in partnership with our clients to evolve and deliver resolutions that arise due to conflict in the workplace or in other domains.


Atelier of Being collaborates and creates with a wide variety of high calibre partners. We welcome opportunities to further co-create. Some examples of where and who we partner with are as follows:

  • somatic coaching/bodywork/energy support before, during or after leadership/transformational development programmes.
  • development of female leaders.
  • co-creation of content for online, or traditional classroom delivery.
  • executive coaches/coaching networks who feel their clients need bodywork/energy work to support verbal only coaching.
  • on multidisciplinary teams supporting individuals/organisations in any area of leadership, transformation, growth and wellbeing.
  • somatic coaching/bodywork/energy support during transformational retreats.
  • supporting those working in creative fields and the arts.
  • on multidisciplinary teams focusing on the healing arts.
  • Mary is a member of the Mobius Executive Leadership community and is one of its practitioners. Mobius Executive Leadership is a premier coaching, training and leadership development company. Mobius have created a global network of practitioners interested in the lifting up of the human spirit in service of the common good.

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